You’ve tried the team building “games,” you’ve held motivational meetings, your team has fun together and everyone gets along, but you are not meeting team goals or performing at a high level.

What to do next?

Creating a high-performing team is a challenging task that involves an ongoing effort to improve and maximize individual skills, provide direction and focus on the team and corporate goals, create synergy and trust, reduce resistance to change, encourage innovation, empowerment, and accountability, and manage performance at the individual and team level.

TrainSmart provides custom-tailored team-building programs and workshops that focus on a variety of skills that are necessary to achieve significant results.

Discover new ways to communicate goals, understand what makes your team “tick” and maximize results by improving trust throughout the team.

Building Teamwork and Commitment in the Workplace

This highly interactive workshop focuses on assessing your current team culture and developing a strategy to improve communication and relationships.

Using the Everything DiSC® Workplace profile, participants will develop a better understanding of individual and team strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Managing Virtual Teams Course – Challenges With Virtual Teams (Live In-Person Or Virtual Live)

Virtual teams have the same challenges as traditional teams and one additional dynamic: lack of regular, face-to-face interaction.

This makes communicating and collaborating more complex, but not impossible. Understanding the unique skills required for working virtually is a starting point.

Identifying effective tools for communication channels, processes to measure progress and goals, and incorporating individual and team communication on a consistent basis will result in success.

Working with Virtual Teams will provide you a framework for working through the challenges.

Team Building Training For New Leaders

Are you a new team leader?

Have you been managing a team and just not getting the results you desire?

Go back to basics and learn new techniques and ideas to improve team performance. Understand the stages of team development and strategies to move through the challenges to a highly functional team.

Using Patrick Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team and other proven concepts, TrainSmart will help you assess your current team status and create a strategy for improvement.

Building Successful Teams For The Workplace

Successful teams know how to effectively blend individual talents and skills to accomplish team and corporate goals.

This interactive, tailored workshop will help individuals or team leaders identify their purpose, maximize strengths, build trust, reduce conflict and introduce techniques and strategies to create a high performing team.