Do You Need Help Managing Your Company’s Training Function?

Many young and growing companies suddenly find themselves confronted with an urgent need to formalize their training efforts. Informal coaching/apprenticeship type training conducted by individual departments no longer suffices.

There is now a need for training that is uniform and consistent throughout the organization so management can be assured that employees know the standards of excellence expected of them.

A formalized training function is required to achieve this.

Benefits of a formal training function

  • Train by design, not by accident
  • Avoid unnecessary duplication and redundancy of training efforts
  • Centralize responsibility and accountability for training
  • Staff with professional workplace learning specialists and administrators
  • Uniform and consistent training programs
  • Centralized tracking of training efforts (e.g., course completion, participant certifications, etc.)

Our services enable you to:

  • Properly organize/structure your training function
  • Select/hire training staff, both internal and external to the organization
  • Create and implement training policies and procedures
  • Mentor selected staff as needed
  • Prepare initial training department budget
  • Create initial training materials

Consider formalizing your training function if you are interested in:

  • Providing consistent and uniform training throughout the organization
  • Establishing responsibility and accountability for training in the organization
  • Controlling the costs of all your training efforts
  • Raising the prestige of training within the organization

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