Strategy is a commonly used word in business, but what exactly is it?

Michael Porter, a strategy expert and professor at Harvard Business School, says that, “…strategy should determine how organizational resources, skills, and competencies should be combined to create competitive advantage.”

How does your organization go about identifying and implementing strategies that give you a competitive edge?

TrainSmart offers a range of workshops designed to improve strategic thinking, manage change, and improve organizational culture and performance.

From facilitation of executive meetings to focusing on creating a social media plan, let us help you with the creativity and focus to achieve your goals.


Adaptive Decision Making Workshop – Make Better Decisions As A Leader

Are you a leader in an organization who needs to be able to make quick decisions – often without all of the data you desire or time to analyze the information?

No time to go through the typical problem-solving process?

Adaptive Decision Making will help you identify when an adaptive approach is appropriate, increase your comfort level with making quicker decisions about strategy, improve creativity to generate solutions, and enhance group and individual decisions for better results.

Making Change Irresistible

Change is necessary to remain competitive and successful. Did you know that the number one reason that organizations are ineffective when change occurs is due to employee resistance­­­?

Why are employees resistant to change? Often, it is due to poor communication about the benefits, feelings of a change being imposed, fear of the unknown and they are comfortable with their current situation.

Whether your organization is going through a big change like new management or acquisitions or smaller changes in strategy and processes, Making Change Irresistible will help you understand the change process, the emotions involved, manage your own reactions to change as well as others and develop a better way of communicating benefits to transition.

Removing Barriers to Peak Organizational Performance

What prevents organizations from reaching peak performance?

Poor communication, employee dissatisfaction, ineffective processes, conflicting goals and personalities, and resistance to change. When leaders can focus on removing these barriers, peak performance can become a reality.

Learn methods to identify barriers and create strategies to reduce and remove them to improve performance in TrainSmart’s Removing Barriers to Peak Performance.

Social Media Is Changing Everything

Are you struggling with how to create a social media marketing strategy that reaches baby boomers and millennials? Do you have a social media policy to protect your organization and help your employees understand that what they post online impacts their personal and business reputations? Which tools should you use? What is your message?

The list of questions and challenges with social media are the focus of conversations in many organizations today.

This highly interactive workshop will answer many of these questions and provide you with the tools you need to create an effective, successful social media strategy.