Our client attended our Certified Train-the-Trainer then contacted us to assist them in development of a field training workshop for new hires. The client developed the learning goal and objectives and then pulled together the content.

TrainSmart Support

TrainSmart’s instructional designer reviewed client draft and accomplished the following:

  • Reviewed the workshop Goal and Objectives to ensure their format addressed Audience, Behavior, Condition, and Degree.
  • Reviewed and corrected workshop content to ensure alignment with stated Goal and Objectives using Microsoft Review function.
  • Incorporated client input generated from review process.
  • Reviewed all practices and assessments to ensure alignment with Goal and Objectives.
  • Reformatted the document to ensure consistency of head levels, margins, etc.
  • Generated a Table of Contents.
  • Worked with client assigned facilitator to ensure understanding of content in preparation of workshop implementation.


Client implemented workshop as a component of their onboarding process.