The primary objective of our custom training design and development services is to design and develop the best content that meets the needs of your adult learners in a training environment.

At TrainSmart, we understand the importance of training and development in today’s fast-paced business environment. Our team of expert training designers utilizes the cutting-edge methodology of SMARTmethods to provide consulting services that help companies like yours create training programs that are precisely tailored to meet your unique needs.

With our robust five-phase design process, we are able to dig deep into your business operations to identify both overarching organizational needs as well as training requirements at the departmental, project team, or even individual level.

Our rigorous assessment allows us to develop targeted training solutions that are specifically designed to accelerate learning and improve performance across all areas of your organization.

Whether you’re seeking to tackle specific challenges or simply looking for more effective ways to engage and motivate your employees, our training consultants are here to help you succeed.

So why wait? Contact us today and let us help you take your training program to the next level with SMARTmethods!

test-image-BrianCunningham “We used TrainSmart to develop custom training and training materials related to the global rollout of Sales Force Automation. We also used TrainSmart staff to deliver the training. We were very pleased with both the quality of the materials as well as the professionalism of the trainer.”

In short, we have a proven track record and the confidence that no matter what industry you are in, we have the tools and the experience necessary to customize the ideal solution to effectively train your employees.

We assess, design, develop, implement, evaluate, maintain, and manage targeted, competency-based training opportunities that include:

  • Interactive games
  • Gaming & Simulations
  • Collaborative learning structures
  • Community development
  • Interactive video
  • Webinars
  • Learning apps
  • Mobile learning
  • Testing and Certifications
  • …and much other training and culture-development opportunities.

Because our methodology is so robust,

we have designed and developed training in a wide range of industries. We’ve had successes in… (click icons to learn more)



TrainSmart is a certified Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (2000) and a Woman Small Business (2015).

We have approximately 300 facilitators, professional development trainers, instructional designers, and content developers strategically located in the United States and around the world.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are your learning design principles? Explain briefly.

Typically we follow ADDIE with an understanding that sometimes timelines require the combining of functions and activities.

What is your process for training needs analysis? How do you work on this with your client?

Since Analysis sets the basis for any effort to improve performance and every client’s need is different, TrainSmart executes the strategies that maximize client engagement while providing the data critical to the execution of design, development, implementation, and evaluation both formative and summative.

Describe your approach to blended learning program design and development. What are the key steps in the process?

Blended solutions result from calculated decisions based on the analysis of the audience and the client technologies that can be leveraged.  Most times, prerequisite knowledge can be learned in advance of application.

What is your understanding of learning experience design? Describe your process for designing a learning experience. Please give examples of your work in this area.

The learning experience needs to focus on the learner and his or her application of the KAS’s or the needed change in behaviors.  A KAS (knowledge, attitude, skills), with attitude being the most difficult, approach requires a clear understanding of the audience and jobs that they do.  Consequently, TrainSmart is very focused on audience definition. The audience also defines implementation and evaluation strategies.

Do you develop learning materials (eLearning, face-to-face, mobile, etc.)? What types of learning materials do you create? Describe your content development process.

We develop SGs, FGs, PPT Decks, Job Aids, self-study guides, tests/practices, scripts, storyboards, GUI templates, SCORM m/eLearning (adaptive or nonadaptive) using all common development tools, standards.  From a process perspective, complete the objectives find the content that supports what the audience needs to know or do, build the deliverable.

Do you design workshops? What is your process for designing workshops? Please give examples of the workshops you have designed.

Yes.  Complete the analysis, define the learning objectives, identify the content that supports what the audience needs to know or do, build the workshop based on defined budgets and other business restrictions like access to learners, geographic distribution, language, culture, etc..

Do you actively support with the implementation of the programs that you created?

Yes depending on client requirements.

Do you develop gamified learning content (not referring to Gamification tools & systems)

Yes if it fits the design.

How do you measure the effectiveness of your learning design? What tools do you use? Please give examples of your work.

It depends on client requirements.  TrainSmart always implements a Level 1 Evaluation.  If the client required Level 2, we develop a pre and post-measurement tool to determine the delta from learning.  If a Level 3 is required, TrainSmart works with the client to design and execute a 60/90 days strategy to ensure that learning is transferred onto the job; this design has many mitigating factors related to management and leadership that client seldom executes it.  A Level 4, while available, is seldom if ever undertaken due to the expense.

What is the structure and organization of the team you will assign to work with us? What are their roles and responsibilities?

Typically TrainSmart assigns a relationship manager and a project manager to begin with.  The RM works with the client to ensures client satisfaction and oversees all projects.  Project Managers oversee specific activities based on SOWs.  The RM and PM can be the same resource.  For each project, the PM assembles the team of designers, developers, subject experts, etc. needed.

Do you have experience working with sales companies? Please give examples (including the size of the target audience, the duration of the program/project, modes of delivery, etc.). Please describe the work that you did for them.

Yes. There are several consulting companies(food service, retail, marketing, entertainment, hospitality, pharmaceutical, textiles) where we provided a training strategy to assist both customer service and sales to improve their skills to the goal to increase confidence, sales, and retention of customers.  Delivery methods varied based on client request and end-user audience requirements. Instructor-led, virtual instructor-led, interactive job aids, apps and more.

Not sure what training method is the best choice for your training need? TrainSmart partners with you to identify the best learning solutions to fit your current needs. TrainSmart will work with you to make sure the training is relevant, compelling, engaging, sustainable and award-winning.

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